The value of Knowledge

Created: Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Did you lose an account to The Market in the past? More than one you say?

Did it seem that The Market is out to get you? If you don't know what you are doing looks like... IT IS!!!

Or is it your lack of knowledge that makes it feel this way?

Hi, I am Harry. I handle RTM's email correspondence (among other things). I read your questions, stories, requests, past experiences.

It seems that most have your battle scars before finding RTM. Some tell me they have recently lost their account and ask for a discount or pay in installments and whatnot.

Those who don't know us much, think RTM is just another place they might feel like taking the risk to throw their money at, maybe just another course like many that got them nowhere so far.


Yet let me tell you, RTM is the ONLY PLACE you need.

Why? Because you will learn how The Market works, how price moves, what your trading flaws are and how to actually "Read The Market".

Our website address is not the most catchy or hip or such, it's quite a mouthful. Yet it does describe exactly what it does.

I remember Ifmyante when we met to discuss possible website names, he said "I got one but you are going to laugh".

Yet we didn't laugh, there was a moment of silence yet we knew that was the right name for the right place. Because that's exactly what we do.


 In Markepedia you will read what was the problem with your trading in the past and how to correct it.

- You will learn how price moves.

- How and why it was eating your stops in the past. Why it needs your stops.

- Where to look for trades and how to enter. How to look for PA (price action) confirmation.

- How to enter a trade and how to exit (yes there is also PA confirmation to exit a trade if you so wish to use it).

- Know where to put your stops. Our stops are not arbitrarily used to control the risk; on the contrary. The risk is calculated based on where our stop SHOULD BE.

- In this light you will understand why your stops were in the wrong place in the past.

- You will UNDERSTAND how a trade unfolds. Where your first targets are. If you have PA in your favour for the trade to let it run to the final target (where ideally you would close and reverse your position).

 - It is practically impossible to burn an account with DISCIPLINE (even with the lousy indicator driven systems you were following in the past). Learn proper money management and psychology.

 - Be part of a vibrant and friendly community.


The only place you need in this journey is RTM. Be a TRADER.






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