Members' Trades _update13

Created: Sunday, 10 December 2017

Hello everyone. Welcome to another update of "Our Trades". 

Just another good week for RTM members, as usual. Here is a small bite from last week's forum action.

You may have heard the saying that "all lower timeframes are just noise", but RTM traders know that price behaviour is the same regardless.

So don't be surprised to see trades taken on the 1 minute chart or even on the tick charts. 


chrome 2017 12 10 09 52 07


chrome 2017 12 10 09 52 59


chrome 2017 12 10 10 07 22


chrome 2017 12 10 09 55 48


As I said last week we will be keeping these updates small, regardless if there is another 50 charts that could be posted here.

These updates is simply to give a taste (to non-members) of RTM's recent action.

Of course trade's posting is just a small part of the action. There is also lots of discussion and analysis going on, but of course this cannot be posted here.

So, this is the end of this week's update. See you next week. 





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