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Created: Sunday, 11 March 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to another update with some of last week's forum action.

It is particularly pleasant that I have the chance to address some frequently asked questions that I get in your emails. So read on.

Lets start with the mad scalper guy who keeps his curve growing 

2018 03 11 11 56 46 k

Now about these questions. A very common one is;

"Is there trade discussion/analysis done inside the forum?" or others ask "Is there upcoming trades (signals) given inside the forum?"

Well, let's be clear. There are no SIGNALS given inside the forum. Sometimes our traders happen to discuss upcoming setups with their views on possible upcoming trades.

But what they do is NOT "signal providing". It is part of discussion happening between well educated traders who know how to handle such opportunities if they arise.

And below is yet another example of this exact thing happening. 

2018 03 11 11 51 45 disc

and another

2018 03 11 11 46 21


 Another quite common question is; "Do your principles apply on stocks?" 

Well, they do. On Stocks, Futures and pretty much similar markets, even crypro currency, yet because this market is so new it does not have much history on the Left (that we always look at). 

Below is one of our members trading Stocks in India's market.

2018 03 11 11 49 30 insto


These above were some of the most common questions I see in your emails.

Now Let's continue with the more boring stuff, like... FTB to FL say 

2018 03 11 11 53 36 ftb


 or other boring stuff like...

2018 03 11 11 50 31

 or decent R:R and knowing how to handle your trade.

2018 03 11 11 47 35


That is all for this week. It was a bit of a longer post than usual but it will help with some of the more common questions you may have about RTM and what's inside.

So, see you on the next update or see you inside 

Till then, have fun and play safe (as Ifmyante always says).


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