Members' Trades _update3

Well, here is another update with some recent forum action :)

Let's start with some members taking the same trade, again..  ;)


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Members' Trades _update2

Hello everyone.

Here is another update from some action in the forum. Just a few of the trades our members post in their journals recently.

To kick-off the action, here is another one where members enter the same trade at the exact same place. 



And a nice round trip on gold.

chrome 2017 09 20 13 15 03

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Introducing "Our Trades"

Hello everyone. Look above and you will see a new place called "Our Trades".

Every week or so we will be posting a few of the most common trades our members post in the forum. 

So keep an eye on this page


First one shows how or traders think the same when they look at a chart so quite often they take the same trades.

 RTM Community 2017 09 07 09 49 04

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Master Trader's trades. Part 1

Ever wondered what a Master Trader's trades look like?

If you have been following our facebook page you have already seen these trades by our master trader Martin.

But since not everyone uses social media or knows our FB page, enjoy ;)

Visit our Facebook page to read the Trader's comments on them.





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As you most of you may already know, ReadtheMarket.Com has been a  part of RTM Academy for quite some time now.  

Our plan is to bring everything under one roof.  Therefore, please be advised that will be redirected to in the next 48 hours. 

For those with an active ReadtheMarket.Com subscription, you can still access the'RTM' forum at the new URL, which is:    

RTM Academy is by far the best trading education out there in terms of reading the market and knowing how it REALLY works. 

For those who have been wanting to join RTM Academy and have the means to do so,  now is your best time.

Our tuition fee for RTM Academy will keep on increasing regularly.  Therefore,  today's price of €17,997 will be the lowest you will see again.  

The next price increase is coming very soon (estimate is early March 2019).  So take advantage of it before it's gone!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RTM Academy Team