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Created: Monday, 16 April 2018

Hello Everyone,  thank you for landing on page.

This is to inform everyone that RTM ( is no longer accepting any new students. 

RTM is now part of RTM Academy.   

If you are interested in learning more about RTM (, please visit us at

Hi everyone. Welcome to another (overdue) update of "Our Trades" articles.

First we hope everyone had a lovely time during this Easter period.

Lets start.

First our "Mad-Scalper" guy is sharing his truly amazing story.


2018 04 16 14 56 37

It seems that trading is like learning to ride the bicycle. Once you "get it" you never forget it ;)

2018 04 16 15 08 09


Most important than pulling the trigger is to know why, and what to expect and of course how you manage it.

2018 04 16 15 06 05


Although some of use are a bit more trigger happy than others, knowing where you are trading and why can be the difference between a losing trade and a very successful one.

2018 04 16 14 53 28


So it's like that. The usual action in the usual place.

If you want to become a "usual suspect" yourself, then join us to find out what your true trading potential is.




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