Learning by Teaching


Once I started to understand market dynamics, I was fortunate enough to be in a group of traders who were in the early stages of sharing what we had learned. Many people began to read our threads and wonder at what we were doing.


As there is quite a lot to learn before one can totally understand price dynamics, we got asked by many newcomers, “why did this happen?”, “what made price turn here?”, “how come that level broke?”


These questions were the greatest gifts I ever got in better learning to trade. I opened my charts to look at the PA in question and studied it to try and give as clear and concise an explanation of events as I could.


In so many cases I wasn’t in a position to answer the queries, as the PA was still new to me. After all, I had only been trading for about a year, so how was I to know it all?  But, determined to give the correct answer, I studied the scenario until it made sense to me, and then looked back through history to find as many similar setups as I could, just to lend credence to my answers. I certainly didn’t want to publish answers which scrutiny would belie, so I had to be very sure of all I posted.


I’ve gotta tell you, I learned so much more this way than by simply answering my own queries at my own pace.


We’ve published so much of how the market works, that I feel a little sorry for those who could benefit from learning the way I did.


So now, for the greater good, I beg all traders, new and old, to find seeming anomalies on the charts, PA they don’t understand or that they feel many wouldn’t, and ask why it happened, and I ask everyone to try and answer as best they can.


Believe me, it’ll be good for everybody!