Why RTM HAD to change?


As of February 2017, RTM stopped being open to the public for free and became a subscription-only website. Now a lot ask why that happened. Let’s look back in time a bit.


RTM started in 2012, driven by the unique perception of “IFmyante” about the market. Prior to that, it was “Redsword11” who opened people’s eyes about price movement on the PIE thread in FF (ForexFactory). FF being the place where many trading systems exist was not the right place to be our home, so sometime in 2012 RTM opened as a free forum.


There we started shaping our trading,  publishing articles of our latest understanding about price movement all for free. Back then we did want to build traders to analyse a lot more instruments and trade together. The more eyes that could read the charts meant more trading opportunities. There were also ideas about trading a common “Fund”. We believe in the motto “Traders helping Traders” which was a PIE idea, so we developed the “Ladder system” for our members. People who have done their homework and displayed better understanding would move up the ladder ranks and there would be various activities for them. First of all, we wanted them to help with their experience of newer members, to propagate the RTM knowledge about price movement. Of course, we also wanted them to cooperate in reading the charts and trade together.


Well, ideas are great but the reality is different. Some did stick with us, helping with new members and even writing Markepedia articles, but these members were few. Most after stepping up the ladder or when they got competent enough to trade they didn’t care. Most didn’t even leave but became silent, lurking in the forum offering nothing. Attempts to start analyzing the market as groups soon fell apart as most advanced members were only after personal gain. Some members even had personal agendas, to use the forum as their advertising place for services and whatnot.


All that content being for free all that time wasn’t enough for greedy people. As soon as we opened the RTM Academy and started charging for admission, personal attacks started from RTM members who wanted more for free. So having all this knowledge in Markepedia wasn’t enough, we also had to spend time tutoring them for free. Despite all that, RTM Academy run fine and did produce traders that mostly preferred to trade on their own. So at this point, it was evident that putting traders to work together is a lot harder than herding cats. Attacks of RTM and personally on IFmyante periodically appeared in FF so at some point we decided something had to change.


In January 2017 RTM closed doors to the public and one month later it opened in its current form. From then on of course a lot more people became disgruntled because what was there for 5 years for free was no more. So RTM “betrayed its ideas”, “it was all a scam from the start”, “(RTM) was slowly growing a cult to exploit later” and similar comments are just but a few from people who benefited hugely for FREE all these years from the wealth of knowledge in Markepedia. So the book or movie or video game (in the analogy) was good as long as it was free but it was bad/crap/scam when you had to pay for it. Well, behavior like that does make us feel that making RTM a subscription website was the right move forward.


Is it the right place for you? Well, you must decide for yourself if our trading ideas resonate with you or not.
Better check the videos on our YouTube channel and judge for yourself.